Shop the ‘Friends’ Makeup Collection Sale

Casual public service announcement for you and your credit card: Revolution Beauty has a huge summer sale and their Friends-themed makeup collection is up to 70% cheaper. Including the I’ll Be There For You eyeshadow palette, the Joey eyeshadow palette, and the Rachel Bundle if you’re looking for that sublime ’90s vibes.

Revolution X Friends Forever Makelless I’ll be there for you

$ 14.40

Revolution X Friends Joey eyeshadow palette

$ 9.60

Also, I have to talk about this lobster mirror (perfect for any “HE’S HER LOBSTER” moments in life), not to mention this Monica sheet mask that literally goes for $ 1.50. How … would it be financially irresponsible not to buy this? May be? I tell myself that.

Revolution X Friends lobster mirror

$ 10.50

Revolution X Friends Monica niacinamide sheet mask

$ 1.50

In case you missed it, which is doubtful, the Friends cast got together for a reunion on HBO Max, and they hung out with James Corden who got them to say, “I’ll Be There For. In a golf cart You “sing. With harmonies.

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There are some funny BTS reunion moments here too ^ including Matt LeBlanc musing, “We spent a lot of time on these sets, laughed a lot, some of it made it onto the camera. But the funniest things that happened between us that never made it on TV are like the memories we keep talking about. “

Cool, just watch every single episode of Friends plus the goodbye while I apply something called the Chandler Palette to my face.


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