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Research suggests that some cosmetics sold in the US and Canada may contain PFAS. – AFP image

NEW YORK, June 18th – What is behind the formulations of the cosmetics we use every day? A new study shows the presence of certain chemicals in many cosmetics – especially makeup – even though they’re not specifically listed in the ingredients. Durable and waterproof products were mainly those in which the substances were detected.

If mascaras, foundations, and lipsticks are a regular part of your beauty routine, you may have ingested or ingested per- and polyfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS). PFAS, sometimes referred to as “Forever Chemicals,” have been the subject of various studies and evaluations, some of which have highlighted how these compounds can remain in the environment or have harmful effects on health.

A team of researchers examined the presence of these substances in certain cosmetics and analyzed no fewer than 231 products purchased in the United States and Canada. This is an important point because the regulations for chemicals in cosmetics are different in, for example, North America than in Europe.

More than half of the cosmetics examined

The study, published in the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, found that most of the waterproof mascaras, liquid lipsticks, and foundations tested were high in fluorine, indicating the “likely presence” of PFAS. The products with the highest fluorine content were analyzed further. The verdict: They all contained at least four PFAS, which the researchers considered to be “worrying”.

“Lipstick wearers can accidentally eat several pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. But unlike food, chemicals in lipsticks and other makeup and personal care products are almost entirely unregulated in the US and Canada. As a result, millions of people unwittingly wear PFAS and other harmful chemicals on their faces and bodies every day, ”said Graham Peaslee, lead author of the study.

In detail, more than three quarters of the analyzed waterproof mascaras – but also almost two thirds of the foundations and liquid lipsticks and more than half of the eye and lip products – had high fluorine concentrations, according to the researchers.

Not on the label

Twenty-nine products were selected for further analysis, all of which revealed detectable concentrations of at least four specific PFAS. The study authors suggest that these contain “PFAS that break down into other PFAS that are known to be highly toxic and environmentally harmful”. The study also found that few products, which were further analyzed, mention the presence of these substances on their ingredient list.

“PFAS are not necessary for make-up. Given their great potential for harm, I don’t think they should be used in personal care products, ”said Arlene Blum, co-author and executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute, who also shared the results. – ETX studio

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