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Over 200,000 pads donated by the # EndPeriodPoverty campaign this year

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FOURTEEN Jamaican schools (one in each ward) and six women’s shelters benefited from the ongoing # EndPeriodPoverty campaign – a partnership between Always and the HerFlow Foundation – donating over 200,000 pads to girls and young women in need.

The program started on March 8th – International Women’s Day – and ended on June 7th. The HerFlow Foundation continued its partnership with Always to help distribute the 200,160 pads. The campaign also included a number of well-known social media influencers who worked to educate and raise awareness of how period poverty affects girls.

Always’s continued commitment to combating period poverty is particularly impactful this year as the novel coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the reality of period poverty. As many families and individuals struggle with lower incomes and have difficulty paying for food and other essentials, girls and young women are increasingly being forced to forego essential period protection. With this donation, Always wants to empower young women and give them the trust that is of central importance for their performance.

A total of 200,160 pads (or 21,600 packs) were distributed and the target schools were Robert Lightbourne High, Horace Clarke High, Fair Prospect High, St James High, May Day High, Camperdown High, Charlemont High, Brown’s Town High, William Knibb High, Green Island High, Lacovia High, Frome Technical High, Oberlin High, and Lennon High. The six shelters that received donations also included Mary’s Child in Kingston; Homestead Place of Security in Stony Hill, St. Andrew; Jamaica Foundation Women’s Center in Kingston; Mrs. Inc. in Kingston; Pringle Home for Girls in St. Mary; and Summer Hill childcare facility in Clarendon.

“Playing an active role in combating period poverty is extremely important to Always,” said Tamara Thompson, general manager, Consumer Brands Limited (Always local distributor).

“As we continue to address the increasing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we must all do our part to support our citizens in need. Improving access to period products in Jamaica is more important than ever, and Always is determined to make positive changes in the lives of our young women and girls. “

The international campaign Always #EndPeriodPoverty donated more than 90 million pads to girls around the world.

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