Jaclyn Hill’s abduction claims, Johnson & Johnson’s sunscreen recall, and other beauty news

1. Jaclyn Hill is accused of lying about her near kidnapping.

The beauty YouTuber shared her disturbing story on Twitter claiming two men tried to drag her into a car while she was outside alone. And while the comment area was immediately flooded with congratulations and concerns, the internet also communicated their suspicions – citing the incident as mightily convenient timing as Hill was recently criticized for the non-inclusive color palette of her product.

Fellow influencer Kevin James Bennett used Twitter to express just that. “Interesting. Attempted kidnapping outside of her home as her business is being dragged onto social media for a deliberate lack of inclusivity,” he wrote. “I really hope nothing happened, but this reads like Jaclyn’s usual gaslighting to get her out of trouble. Hill later went back on Twitter to defend himself, claiming it was “absolutely disgusting” for people to think she was lying. “They are the reason so many people don’t talk about things that happen to them,” she said.

2. Johnson & Johnson remembers some of their sunscreens.

These include five aerosol sunscreens from Aveeno and Neutrogena, which internal tests of the conglomerate revealed the presence of benzene – a low concentration carcinogen – in these products. It applies specifically to Aveeno Protect + Refresh; Neutrogena Beach Defense; Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport; Neutrogena Invisible Daily; and the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer.

The company has since issued a statement stating that “based on exposure modeling and the EPA framework, daily exposure to benzene in these aerosol sunscreen products at the concentrations found in our tests will not cause adverse effects the health would have ”. . “

3. Stormi Webster has a secret brand in the works.

Yes, we’re talking about the offspring of beauty mogul Kylie Jenner here. This was announced via Inside Kylie Cosmetics; a YouTube series documenting Jenner’s journey in skin care and makeup. And while Jenner’s mom has remained on whether or not her three-year-old’s company will be based in the same area, users speculate that it is thanks to repeated emphasis on Stormi’s fascination with cosmetics. We assume we just have to wait and see.

4. Lizzo has dyed her bleached eyebrows.

Lavender and pink, by the way. The songbird debuted the look on Instagram with the headline: “Another day another glam … Another look for ya mood board. Thanks later.” According to Alexx Mayo – the MUA in charge of these bows – the pair took inspiration from gummy bears to create this pastel-saturated aesthetic. We would like to thank this dynamic duo for their service.

5. Jada Pinkett-Smith shaved her head.

This decision was apparently a long time coming. Pinkett-Smith revealed that she did so in response to her ongoing battle with hair loss, where her daughter’s encouragement finally gave her the strength to pull it off. The mother-daughter duo is pictured in an Instagram post with matching buzz cuts. “Willow got me to do it because it was time to let go, BUT … my 50s are about to be divinely lit with this shed,” she wrote. Indeed, Jada.

6. Colourpop has brought out a limited collection with the Powerpuff Girls.

Sugar, spices and everything nice. This team-up sees the launch of a new range of pressed powders; two super powered blushes; a Villanous Color Stix; a The Day Is Saved Roller Gloss Kit; and an Ultra Superpowers Lip Mask Duo. Access these super charged babies, stat.

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