How being Misdiagnosed led to a Natural Skin Care Line and a Pandemic-Proof Business Model

Vice President Kamala Harris reported that a third of small businesses in the US had closed because of the pandemic. There is currently no way to officially confirm this number, but the impact COVID has on business owners cannot be denied. I had the opportunity to speak to the New Jersey native and founder of Pooka Pure and Simple Dawn Fitch about her pandemic-safe approach to business.

“When you’re a business owner, you have to build a community. Because my The Best Life Tribe community saved me during the pandemic. My people couldn’t come in and make things. Who is ordering now? So I was like I was just me go into service mode. Went into the tribe I was talking about sea moss. They are like, “Oh, do you sell sea moss?” I thought no, I am not selling it. I don’t want to, but if you want that I’ll make you a kit, I’ll make you a kit. Send me your email. I got 69 emails that night up Pooka. I put the Seamoss kit on Pooka. I had elderberry syrup kits. They left There in droves. They bought Seamoss and a body butter. Seamoss and a perfume my business. “

Pooka Pure and Simple was really created out of necessity. Before Dawn was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was misdiagnosed, said she was healthy, and was sent home for years. Dawn’s healing journey began and she took her health into her own hands.

“The information was so exciting to me, I just wanted to share it. Hey guys, you know what. You can do that with olive oil. You know what, you can take sugar and do that. Guess what, honey, you can drink it and it’s great. It’s antibacterial. I’ve learned so much that I was there. I wanted everyone else to be all-in. So I just made products. Someone who I thought, “I have this problem. “I’ll make you something. I’ll make you a balm for it. I was really against Vasaline, even though we grew up with it. But it’s petroleum! It’s what we put in our cars. It clogs your pores. Nothing do. Most of it ends up in your clothes. It has no nutritional value. So I made something called “elbow fat”. A natural alternative. As I said, all of this was just for me, but the graphics inside me said that I I put a label on it. My mother called us their “Pookalitas”. We have no idea where that came from. We’re still asking them. She doesn’t even know why. We are like, where does that come from? . I couldn’t fit the label, so I only have Pooka on it. “

Dawn’s business acumen is homemade. Her father Howard Fitch laid the foundation for what makes a successful entrepreneur.

“He put us all on the couch and gave us this little table. “Guys, we’re going to start a family business.” We’re working hard like ok “… and he showed us the levels,” we’re going to come here. Here is $ 10,000. Here’s $ 20,000. “Somewhere it jumped to a million dollars and our eyes were like WOW. He also showed how gradually we will grow as we work. He said we are not going to reach a million right away.” We have to do the work . And if we all do our job, “Part and do the job, then you’ll see.” I think it’s just visual sight that increases work.

Pooka Pure and Simple has been in operation for 20 years. One of Dawn’s secrets to success is teamwork.

“Support and building a team is just as important as having your own business. But like I said, it doesn’t have to be the family. Make an effort to find support. Whatever it is. Because that carries you on the days when you are ” I’m done. I want to give up. If you have this team, that’s like, come on! No you can do it. My joke is still two weeks. ‘Cause I’m lying, I’m done I’m done. Then something will happen and I think I’ll do it for another two weeks. I’ve been doing it for “two weeks” for 21 years.

The path to a fulfilling life can be complicated and lonely. Some days you have to be your own support system. Damn shares how she keeps herself motivated and inspired.

“When you are in your car and on your way to work, I just want you to know that your thoughts control everything first of all. What you are thinking right now will guide your whole day. Think good thoughts. Positive thoughts think. That has helped me throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Change your thinking. When I get up in the morning and it’s a nice day, I try to keep that focus. When you are in your car or anywhere else, the power will remind you of you. Say a wonderful I Am statement. You are what? I am powerful. I am a motivating, inspiring, uplifting, entertaining business speaker and executive for millions! I say it every morning. Say your morning affirmations and get your day started. This is very important to me. And that will guide your whole day. “

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I’m James Frazier in Newark for the WBGO Journal.

The interview is part of the Newark News & Story Collaborative, made possible with financial support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the Victoria Foundation. The Newark News and Story Collaborative trains community members in storytelling, media creation, and other creative art forms to share and expand their experiences. It lays the foundation for a collaborative network that will address long-standing information inequalities in Newark, New Jersey. For more information and stories, please visit

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