Best Summer Makeup Products According to Makeup Artists

Every time summer rolls in, I’m reminded that you can’t have the good (rooftop parties! Outdoor happy hour) without the bad (the oppressive humidity and blazing sun). When it comes to changing your wardrobe for these seasonal changes, it’s pretty easy: ditch your warm winter clothes and slip into short dresses and strappy sandals. Unfortunately, summer makeup is a little harder to figure out. Do you stop wearing makeup completely? Do you opt for easy formulas? Or should you use waterproof products instead? To help crack the summer makeup code, we reached out to Ashley Rebecca, an editorial makeup artist, and Adam Burrell, a celebrity makeup artist, to give us all the answers.

Which make-up product can you not do without in summer?

“Honestly, it’s sunscreen and concealer for me.” —Ashley Rebecca

“BareMinerals BAREPRO Glow Bronzer is a liquid bronzer that I use all summer. I use it on my body, add it to foundations and tinted moisturizers, or use it alone. It’s the ultimate way to improve the tan of the skin or fake a tanned sheen. ” —Adam Burrell

What’s the best lightweight lip product for the warmer months?

“Luscious, glossy, and transparent lip products look great in the sun. Fenty Beauty has some great formulas and colors – I love the Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick slip. —Burrell

“Victoria Beckham Beauty has amazing lip tints – the Amour or Cherie shades are best for a light stain that lasts.” —Rebecca

What’s your favorite way to set makeup without going overboard with the setting powder?

“I always keep the powder to a minimum – apply it with a light hand and then carry the Blotterazzi Beauty Blender with you to touch up. These are a washable and reusable alternative to blotting paper; they soak up excess shine so you don’t have to reapply any powder. “—Burrell

“I like to use a light setting spray like Tatcha’s Dewy Luminous Mist to set makeup while adding a subtle glow to the skin.” —Rebecca

What’s your favorite light blush?

“I love cream and liquid blushes. MOB Beauty has these amazing cream blushes that hold very well in the heat.” —Rebecca

“For me, it’s a cream blush any time of the year, but especially in summer. The NARS multiples are a staple and their orgasm color is my all-time favorite.” —Burrell

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